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Words and music by Khane-Faygl Turtletaub, arranged by Leib Yaacov Rigler, and performed by musicians of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yiddish Songs For Children (All 14 Songs)

Track 1 – Yiddish
Talks about what a nice language Yiddish is and wouldn¹t be nice
if everyone in the family spoke it.

Track 2 – Thank You
The Yiddish version of mode ani.

Track 3 – Whatever One Does
Encourages children to do their best at whatever they do.

Track 4 – I Am a Jew
Expresses pride in being Jewish.

Track 5 – Thank G-d
Expresses appreciation to the Creator for making us healthy.

Track 6 – HaShem is Here
Affirms that HaShem is everywhere.

Track 7 – Rain
Expresses that HaShem sends rain for a reason.

Track 8 – The Wind is Blowing
Shows that we should appreciate all of HaShem¹s
manifestations and creatures.

Track 9 – It is Sabbath Quiet
Sets the contemplative mood for the Sabbath.

Track 10 – Charity
Explains the connection between Judaism and Charity.

Track 11 – On the Occasion of My Birthday Today
The Happy Birthday song for
three-year-olds reaching an important milestone that should be celebrated.

Track 12 – Take Me to Kheyder
Affirms the importance of a Jewish education.

Track 13 – Why Does the Child Cry
Acknowledges the special bond a mother has to her children.

Track 14 – I Am a Good Boy
Emphsizes the importance of listening to parents.

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