Translating Yiddish

  • Do you have a valuable Yiddish manuscript gathering mold in a closet?
  • Do you have letters written by relatives that you can’t decipher?
  • Do you need chapters of Yiddish books or newspapers translated for research?

Dr. Turtletaub is a specialist in deciphering old Yiddish handwriting. Often, she can do what no one else can – capture the unique voice of the writer.

“The translation has my father’s voice!  I can hear him in your words.  Thank you so much.”
“I don’t know why I waited so long to have these letters translated. What a treasure for my family to have.”
“We are delighted with the translation and with the contents of the diary! You are doing an excellent job!”
“Your ability to remember SO much from that time is amazing!!! Thank you for writing translating and sending.”  You’re a real treasure!!! — Steve Skybell
“I am writing to express my deepest appreciation of your translation service re: my family’s 80 year old letter – from Belarus.  It meant a lot to me to finally have it translated after so much time. Also, the final product was so nicely presented – a really professional job!” — Arthur Sontag
“Your translation is terrific.  The material is fascinating.”