More Raves


Has it all!  Knowledge, organization, personality, and superior teaching techniques!  A privilege to have such a professor.”

“Lots of fun!  Well organized, good participation, good sense of humor.”

“Taught extremely well–was everything I had hoped it would be.”

“Not only was our professor thorough and informative, she was charming & humorous, so that everyone certainly enjoyed this class.”

“Dr. Turtletaub is a delightful & engaging scholar & teacher with a great sense of humor”

“Very good background.  Good preparation.  Excellent humor involved in presentation.

“Excellent in relating to students!”

“This class should meet twice a week, not once.”

“I’d recommend the class highly and tell my friends, Enjoy!“

“Teaches with great enthusiasm.  Excellent, warm, supportive.“

“Class and assignments go at a good pace for the class, and the homework is generally enjoyable to do.“

Speaking Engagements

Your lecture about The Bintel Brief was excellent! Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and came away with more knowledge about Judaism, Yiddish and the trials and tribulations that American Jews went through (and continue to go through!) You are very knowledgeable about your subject.”
-Felicia Ross, Education Director, Temple Judea Mizpah

“We ALL loved your talk on Reincarnation and truly wanted you to keep going and going. Thanks for schlepping out here and doing such a great job. Save all those directions, I KNOW YOU’LL BE OUT HERE AGAIN!!!!”
-Nanci Soriano, Education Committee, Temple Beth-El Rockford, IL

Dear Khane-Faygl,
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Thank you for presenting such a great program. It was clearly enjoyed by all who attended- I heard nothing but great comments as folks left the room.
Your program was a great kick-off to our Yiddish Pop-up Series. Thank you.
Beth Shenker, Spertus College of Judaica

“It has been my extreme pleasure to host Dr. Turtletaub as our keynote program speaker for both the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley in South Bend, IN and the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis.

Her presentation is educational, fun and engaging. She has an incredible way of bringing Yiddish to life, is an incredible storyteller and her presentation is relatable to all ages of the community. She is a joy to host and a consummate profession. It is incredible to watch the audience learning new things and reliving words and phrases from throughout their lifetime. She breathes new life into Yiddish and makes it accessible to us all.
-Debra Barton Grant, the Executive Vice-President of the Jewish Federation of Indianapolis

“Your presentations at our shul were enlightening and enjoyable.  I hope that you will return to again teach us d’vray Torah and informative Jewish matters”.
-Larry Mevine

Road Scholar Evaluation of Program: Jewish Mysticism as Viewed Through the Jewish Short Story
“Perhaps one of the best teachers I’ve ever had; Terrific, Lively and Enlightenng!”
“Dr. Turtletaub is a gem; Interesting and stimulating to the soul.”
“The instructor is an inspired storyteller; Superb!”

“We are grateful to you for your two lectures.“
– Century City Young Israel, LA, CA.

“Your program was outstanding—everyone always enjoys you so much!!“

The Book

“I want to thank you for sending our children this beautiful Yiddish CD and book!
It’s so important to preserve the Yiddish language.
I grew up in Antwerp, Belgium where everyone speaks Yiddish, but I’m raising my children in America and I really want them to know Yiddish, so we speak to them in Yiddish. It gets hard at times. Our children no longer respond to us in Yiddish, just English.
I really appreciate the effort you are putting in to keeping Yiddish alive!”

All the best,
Libby Lazaros


“The family is anxiously awaiting the newly translated portion of our grandparents’ letters.”
“She had all those very old letters that you did a wonderful job translating for her. I know that because when she visited last she read them all to my husband and I and it was quite an entertaining night!”
-Susan Hollander 2/9/18

“These are terrific. Thank you very much.”
• Michael Salzberg  2/21/18