Teaching Yiddish

Learning the Yiddish language is your entry into the rich, vibrant, and important culture.

Teaching Yiddish is best done by someone who thoroughly knows the culture that gave rise to it and the important cultural aspects that the language embodies.

Dr. Khane-Faygl Turtletaub, a native Yiddish speaker, would love to teach you Yiddish.

“The course was terrific; wonderful teacher: knows so much about language/linguistics/delightful person.“
“I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the class. You are a FABULOUS teacher!!!” — Myra Weiss, Northtown Library Leynkrayz, Chicago, IL
“Excellent, enthusiastic; makes learning Yiddish a joy.” “The teacher is excellent.  Her knowledge of the subject and her ability to convey it sensibly are evident.  She uses a variety of materials and methods and makes learning enjoyable.  She has a fine sense of humor—a dynamite teacher.”
“My Yiddish instructior, Khane-Faygl Turtletaub, is tops as a teacher and translator and gave me crucial tools for research and analysis.” — Elisabeth H. Kinsley, “Here In This Island We Arrive”, 2019
“What an amazing first Yiddish class! We are so lucky to have Dr. Khane-Faygl Turtletaub as our teacher.”  — Alexandra Corwin  3/11/18
Thank you for being an excellent teacher. I’m glad I got to know you at last! — All the best, Aviva